Flower, Garden and Horticultural Based Images

We provide medium resolution horticultural based images. Choose your area of interest.

These images are suitable for use in News Papers and Magazines, and can simply be obtained by e-mailing us.

We use the "get first and pay later" approach, to keep the cost down.

The cost for obtaining images is US$25 per image. We will send you the full size image, without copyright watermark, via e-mail and then send you an invoice.

We are happy to trust your honesty, but remember, we will have your e-mail address.

Please take a few minutes to view our images and choose one that suits your purpose.

Please also come back from time to time, as we are always adding new images.

Please Note: There are thumbnails and larger images shown here. Even the larger images are not the real size of the image we would send you. The images shown here are generally only a quarter of the size of the real image.

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